Greetings to you, reader, and thank you for visiting my site. Here is a little bit about who I am. I completed my Ph.D. in Theology (specialization Hebrew Bible) at Boston College Graduate School of Arts & Sciences after receiving an M.T.S. in Biblical Studies from Boston University School of Theology. Currently I am a stay-at-home mom and am involved with a variety of activities. With “The Thoughtful Theist,” I enjoy writing for a general audience about theology and faith, and how these continue to inform my own being in an unfolding way.

My public writing at this time includes my dissertation, The Glory of Yahweh, Name Theology, and Ezekiel’s Understanding of Divine Presence, an article, “The Glory of Yahweh in Ezekiel and the Pre-Tabernacle Wilderness” in The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (Vol. 37, Issue 2, Dec 2012), and this blog. The published works can be accessed through the links in my footer.

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    • Hi Scott, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like the blog. After I finished the MTS, I nearly decided to remain at BU for the PhD (though not the ThD), but chose BC for a few reasons. Dissatisfaction with BU was not one of those reasons. My experience at the School of Theology was thoroughly positive — both in the sense that I learned an enormous amount academically, and in the sense that my professors genuinely cared for students individually. Intellectually I found it very engaging. Spiritually, there was a bit of a disconnect sometimes between more conservative and more liberal theologies in the student body. But such differences usually did not become divisive. The professors, since they are in a School of Theology, were always ready to raise and discuss spiritual ramifications or dimensions to anything that was covered intellectually; and they managed to do so without pushing any particular sub-theology. The School of Theo also pays attention to real-world applications, social justice, etc. The most salient thing I remember is the feeling of being in a very warm place with a commitment to blending the intellectual and the spiritual. They taught me that those two do not have to be mutually exclusive. As a ThD candidate, you would probably benefit a lot from that. I know I did.


  1. Hi. I just stumbled across your book on Amazon. I also am working studying Ezekiel for my PhD. I’m curious, what publisher did you go with? I didn’t see those details on Amazon.




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