Greetings to you, reader, and thank you for visiting. Here is a bit about who I am. After receiving a B.A. in Religious Studies and an M.T.S. degree in Biblical Studies, I then completed a Ph.D. in Theology with a specialization in Biblical Studies. With “The Thoughtful Theist,” I explore theology and faith and how these continue to inform my own being in an unfolding way. I also enjoy knitting, sewing, gardening, birdwatching, and am currently working on writing a novel.

My public writing at this time includes my dissertation, The Glory of Yahweh, Name Theology, and Ezekiel’s Understanding of Divine Presence; an article, “The Glory of Yahweh in Ezekiel and the Pre-Tabernacle Wilderness” in The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (Vol. 37, Issue 2, Dec 2012); and this blog. The published works can be accessed through the links on this site.


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    • Hi Scott, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like the blog. After I finished the MTS, I nearly decided to remain at BU for the PhD (though not the ThD), but chose BC for a few reasons. Dissatisfaction with BU was not one of those reasons. My experience at the School of Theology was thoroughly positive — both in the sense that I learned an enormous amount academically, and in the sense that my professors genuinely cared for students individually. Intellectually I found it very engaging. Spiritually, there was a bit of a disconnect sometimes between more conservative and more liberal theologies in the student body. But such differences usually did not become divisive. The professors, since they are in a School of Theology, were always ready to raise and discuss spiritual ramifications or dimensions to anything that was covered intellectually; and they managed to do so without pushing any particular sub-theology. The School of Theo also pays attention to real-world applications, social justice, etc. The most salient thing I remember is the feeling of being in a very warm place with a commitment to blending the intellectual and the spiritual. They taught me that those two do not have to be mutually exclusive. As a ThD candidate, you would probably benefit a lot from that. I know I did.


  1. Hi. I just stumbled across your book on Amazon. I also am working studying Ezekiel for my PhD. I’m curious, what publisher did you go with? I didn’t see those details on Amazon.




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